We have wonderful dogs as well, so please check out our list of available animals if you are searching for that perfect dog!

Kittens 8 weeks to 1 year: $100
Cats over 1 year: $60
Puppies under 1 year: $250
Dogs over 1 year: $150

ALSO: Be sure to read about the adoption process and download the necessary forms for adoption here.

We currently have many cats in need of a new home. Our adoption fee for cats over one year is just $60.00. Please come in and check out our community cat rooms and find the perfect match for you and your family! Or go to our pet search page to find an available pet online! We have wonderful dogs as well, so please check out our list of available animals if you are searching for that perfect dog!

Adoption is straightforward and involves the following steps:

1) Selecting your special pet. Our knowledgeable staff is always ready to help you determine which of our animals will be a perfect fit for your family.
2) Completing an adoption application. Download a form, or you may stop by to pick one up. Cat Application (PDF), Dog Application (PDF).
3) Processing the cat application. Cat applications are processed as quickly as possible, and in some cases while you wait.
4) Processing the dog application. Dog applications may take a day or two to process – there are no same day adoptions for dogs. CRARL takes multiple applications. The “first come, first served” rule does not apply to adoptions. If you rent, we will need to contact your landlord for permission, and we also check with your veterinarian that any current animals living in the home are up to date on vaccinations. Two personal references will also be contacted in order to establish pet owner history. The shelter staff will consider all applications carefully to determine which home best suits the dog. We encourage all family members to stop by and meet the new pet before they go home, and if you are adopting a dog and have another pooch or two at home you can always bring your pup(s) to the shelter to meet the potential new addition as well.
5) Adopting your pet. The procedure for cat adoption is slightly different than dogs. Cats are adopted the same day the application is approved, and all medical records will be given at that time. Dogs have a 7-day fostering period to make sure the animal fits into the family and your lifestyle. At the end of the seven days for dogs, we ask that you return to the shelter to complete the adoption paperwork and get copies of your new pet's medical records.

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