Board of Directors
Jean Freedman-White, President
Hilary Harwood, Vice President
Paul Gimlewicz, Treasurer
Carolyn Marsh, Secretary
Leslie Eaton
Mark Kelley
Jean Kislak
Nancy Laite
Marty Lepow
Marty Martens
Mark Masterson
Margaret Morey
Karen Mundo
Jim Patterson
Michael Roy
John Scholz
Lisa Sojka

Executive Director
Sarah Shepherd

Shelter Manager
Laura Stupca

Office Manager
Sally Russillo

Shelter Staff
Heidi Blood
Myranda Cole
Brett Deane
Theresa Deane
Faith Haddad
Roger Hollins
Susan McGovern
Lianne Pottle
Cathy Powers

Some quotes from our employees:

My love of animals began as a child. We always had pets in our home including turtles, goldfish, hamsters, stray cats, dogs, bunnies and even a quail that we hatched in an incubator. My recent passion has been basset hounds and my current “children” are Lucy and Teddy. I have worked in several nonprofits as a fundraiser but this is a very special position for me. I am so pleased to be representing an organization with a mission that I am so passionate about. My friends and family always enjoy my stories about what happens at the shelter during a typical workday – puppy accidents in my office, Collin the office cat trying to eat my breakfast, a kitten sleeping on my lap while I’m working, and even the puppy chow I have found hidden in my purse. What a gift to be working around such laughter and love from our furry residents.”
– Sarah Shepherd, Executive Director
There is no better job than one that involves animals.  Working at the shelter is so fun, rewarding and fulfilling.  I love seeing people come in here and find that special animal to call their own.  As a huge animal lover I get to come to work and hang out with all the cats and dogs.  Working here as been the best job I have ever had.”
– Laura Stupca, Shelter Manager
I was looking for a part-time position which helped me feel like a greater part of the Camden-Rockport community, and when I heard about the employment opportunity at CRARL, I couldn’t resist. I remember that during my interview, it was noted that I may have a cat sitting on my lap while I worked, or a dog sleeping under my desk – as if it were an inconvenience. I laughed, and said that I still wanted the job.”
– Sally Russillo, Office Manager

“I started working here while in high school, and after graduation I decided that I really wanted to stay. I have adopted three animals from CRARL, and I feel that we have a great adoption program.”
-Brett Deane, Shelter Attendant

Roger Hollins, Shelter Attendant
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